Cultural Survey at Boyle Park

A few notes from Friday 21 January. Community members Corey, Janet and Jennifer met with Ngunawal descendant Tyronne Bell from Thunderstone Aboriginal Cultural Services, for a cultural heritage survey at Boyle Park in Holt.

Tyronne shared with us that the wider West Belconnen area is known to have been a gathering place and pathway for Ngunawal people. Sadly, during our site survey, there were no remaining features of Ngunawal culture or heritage significance identified.

Prior to Holt being established the land had been cleared for farming. Two old eucalyptus trees that predate the suburb continue to thrive in the park. The other trees – both eucalyptus and exotic species – have been more recently planted. The shape of the land itself appears largely undisturbed.

We also noted the presence of an ant nest near the Micro-Forest site, which we will protect and leave unharmed throughout the project.

Tyronne will also attend to observe the first earthworks when they occur in March/April.

We are looking forward to an upcoming Language workshop and Bush food session with Thunderstone. Dates TBA.

Community members meet with Tyronne Bell at Boyle Park on 21 January 2022

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