Food Forest Design

Holt Food Forest Initial Design
Aerial view of proposed Food Forest and Micro-Forest at Boyle Park Holt

You may recall that we have been successful in a recent ACT Government Grant round to establish a Food Forest along side our Micro-Forest! Here is an update from our Food Forest leader Corey on the Food Forest design:

Following the consultation session last year on the Food Forest, we’ve put together this landscape drawing showing the rough shape of the food forest garden as well as an indicative species list.

You can see we’ve got five distinct themed gardens with mulched paths as the border, intersecting access paths and edible hedges with a main tree in each garden except the citrus garden. 🌳

The species list is not set in stone, if you have any other species you’d like to see and/or provide then please get in touch. 🙂

Next up is earthworks in March/April after which we want to try and get some annual vegetables in, so if you have any seedlings or seed that might be good for this, let us know so we can try and get them in the ground soon after the earthworks. 🥦🥬

We’ll likely aim to put in some of the bare root trees during the winter and then do the majority of the planting in the spring once the risk of severe frost is lower. ❄️

Any questions or feedback can be dropped in the comments below, emailed to, or we can tee up a chat at the park/over the phone.

Can’t wait to see what our park looks like in spring! 🌱

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