Updated Draft Landscape Design

Landscape Architect Edwina Robinson from The Climate Factory has been updating the Holt Micro-Forest draft landscape plan based on community feedback we received on the first draft and at the zoom consultation session. Below is an updated sketch. Unfortunately Edwina is in isolation at the moment and hasn’t been able to scan the updated design in yet, so this photo is available in the meantime.

Some key points to note:

  • The design has been opened up towards the playground area to allow greater visibility and connection between the two.
  • Low log benches have been included which will be crafted by our very own community chainsaw artist, from a tree that fell in the recent storms (example in photo below).
  • A log step path has also been incorporated, again using log segments from the recent storms (actual photo below).
  • The design still includes the planting beds, large boulders for seating, the pollinator patch and a dry creek bed.
  • The bottom garden bed from the previous design has now been moved slightly east to allow more distance from the underground sewer line.
  • The most eastern planting bed will have synergies with the flora found at Sheppard’s Lookout with plants such as Callitris Endlicheri, Kunzea Ericoides and Acacia Rubida.

We’d love to hear your feedback via email to info@holtmicroforest.com (and also happy to chat on the phone).

Updated Draft Landscape Design
Example Log Bench
Log Stepping Stones

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