Food Forest Plant List

An exciting update from Corey on the food forest plant list:

Hi everyone, I hope winter is treating you well and you’re looking forward to planting out our food forest in spring. 🌱🌻

It’s getting close to time where I’ll be finalising the list and placing orders with suppliers. Before I do I wanted to see whether the community might have excess plants they want to provide to grow in the food forest. These can be ones on the list or other edible species not on the list.

Please use the link by the end of the month to add your name against any species you want to provide and create an extra line for ones not on the list and we’ll see if we can squeeze them in.

Alternatively, you can just email me at

Also, you’ll notice we haven’t covered the extra mini boomerang, the kids just seem to enjoy playing on it so much I didn’t have the heart to cover it over. So the plan is to leave it as is for now and reassess in the spring.

Thanks everyone, so excited to get it all set up in the spring!

Image above: a short list of some of the plants that have been selected for the Food Forest

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