Jazz & Kristal – Wilay Designs

Today at lunch time I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Ngunawal artists Jazz & Kristal from Wilay Designs – Aboriginal Artists at the Micro-forest. It was wonderful to finally meet them in person and talk further about our plans for a community mural “Caring for Country”.

Dhjan Yimaba Jazz & Kristal, this is very special for our community and will hold a special place in our hearts.

Meeting with Jazz & Kristal in the Holt Micro-Forest 4 July 2022

Caring for Country 🖤🍃

“Caring for Country” Mural Concept for Holt Micro-Forest by Wilay Designs.

Here is the story behind the mural:

This painting represents our beautiful Ngunawal Country and culture. It also shares the important role we all play in order to make positive changes and acknowledges the journey the Holt Community are on to heal and care for Country alongside First Nation Peoples.

At the centre there is a meeting place, using colours that depict a fire. Our Great Nan would sit around the fire hearing stories and songs sung in language. Nan is a strong and proud Ngunawal woman, she shares stories with us about her time growing up on Country.

For Nan, being on Country was a place to call home because she was with family and understood how valuable and important that was. Around the meeting place are symbols of people. The people represent the traditional custodians of this land, sitting around having a yarn (talking). Sharing stories is something our people have done for thousands of years, our culture is passed down through story telling and art.

Unfortunately due to the effects of colonisation, for many years culture wasn’t something that could be practiced freely. This is a truth that needs to be talked about and acknowledged in the hope for a better future and to not repeat the actions of the past.

Growing up Nan experienced alot of racism, but her experiences going back on Country has changed through the decades. Nan is shown love and kindness now and it’s a positive step to help deal with the trauma that Nan experienced.

The top of the painting shows the stunning sunsets, animals and landscapes that you see around this area.

The main water that flows through represents Ginninderra creek and the animals you find down by a creek/river. Below the river represents the beautiful colours you see here at the Holt Micro-Forest in the gardens and also the bush tucker.

The other blue sections represent the surrounding waterways of this area- the ponds, lakes and rivers.

The green handprints will be added by the community, this represents the communities commitment for caring for Country. These hand prints are coming together towards the centre, showing unity. Each hand and person is important!

We hope this painting gives others a feeling of connection and hope. It’s so important to acknowledge the past, to come together, listen and learn from traditional custodians past and present.

Let’s all work together to make positive steps now and for the future!

Jazz & Kristal
Wilay Designs 🖤🎨

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