Callitris endlicheri

These young Callitris endlicheri trees were collected from Cool Country Natives on the weekend, destined for our Holt Micro-Forest. These trees are featured in the eastern garden bed. We love learning about native plants, and we hope you do too!

Callitris Endlicheri Seedlings
Holt Micro-Forest Landscape Design
Mature Callitris Endlicheri Tree. Photo by John Tann.

A bit about the tree:
Callitris endlicheri, commonly known as the black cypress pine, is a species of conifer in the family Cupressaceae. It is found only in Australia and grows locally in our area.

Species description:
• Evergreen
• Columnar tree with mostly erect branches
• Brown furrowed bark
• Long thread-like dark green foliage of small narrow leaves
• Slender globular cones 15 to 20 millimetres in diameter

Landscape use:
• Useful for windbreaks, in urban parks, open landscape areas and revegetation areas
• Ornamental use in regional shopping centres
• Suitable for use in home gardens

Use considerations
• Grows well in the ACT and surrounding areas of NSW
• Frost tolerant to minus 10 degrees and excellent drought tolerance
• Medium longevity
• Relatively slow growing
• Low flammability
• Produces pollen and seeds
• Attracts bees and birds
• Provides wildlife habitat for nesting
• Timber is resistant to termites

Examples in Canberra:
Shepherds Lookout, Pine Island, Molonglo and Ginninderra Gorges, Westbourne Woods and the Australian National Botanic Gardens

References: Wikipedia, ACT Government City Services

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