Planting Locations

Seeking your feedback! Last week we met at the park to map out some ideas for the Micro-Forest and Food Forest landscape areas around Boyle Playground. We used witches hats and cones to mark out areas, which helped to visualise the space. Following some community feedback, we looked at a new layout that would see the Micro-Forest area on the eastern side of the park, and the Food Forest in the south-west. The image below gives an indication of the areas that would be landscaped – these areas would include the plants in a series of garden beds, wide pathways (3 meters), small pathways (1 meter) and some other elements such as a dry creek bed, logs, rocks and seating. The existing pathways, including informal pathways, will also be woven into the design. Lines of sight through to the playground and across the park would also be worked into the design to maintain safety. The Food Forest area could be in the shape of a crescent moon, with native edibles closest to the Micro-Forest to provide a segue and flow through to the Food Forest. The benefit of this layout allows us to rejuvenate and improve the eastern end which is currently looking more neglected and run-down. It also leaves some of the nicer, green lush grassy areas for picnics and ball games. We are loving this idea and wanted to share this with you to seek your feedback! What do you think?

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