Holt Floriade Garden Working Bee

Floriade reimagined officially finished on Sunday 17 October. What a beautiful addition to the Holt Shops, especially during lock down. So, what’s next?
We will be leaving the bulbs in the ground until flowering is complete and the leaves have withered. This allows the bulbs to properly develop under the soil before we take them out. We are setting up a working bee on Sunday 12 December from 10 am to remove the bulbs and store them properly, and also to return the site to its original condition. The bulbs will be gifted to volunteers who have helped out with the site, and some will be kept for garden beds at the Medical Centre, Holt Shops and at Boyle Park in the future.
Thank you everyone who has assisted with the garden, and Holt Medical Centre for sponsoring the garden beds. How beautiful!

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