Upcoming Indigenous Plant Use Sessions with Aaron Chatfield

Aaron Chatfield at Gawari Mada

I am grateful for the opportunity today to meet with Aaron Chatfield from Dreamtime Connections – to tour Gawari Mada and map out the upcoming community sessions. Aaron will teach us about Indigenous plant use. The sessions will also include sample bush tucker, boomerang lessons, ochre painting, planting and perhaps even some fresh damper! Aaron will also share some insights with us about the ant nest and what it can tell us about the weather! 🐜

Ant Nest at Gawari Mada

Tickets for the March session are booked out, but there are still spots available at our April and May session. Complimentary tickets are made possible by the ACT Government Adopt A Park program.

Aaron Chatfield at Gawari Mada

Sunday 23 April at 2 pm

Saturday 6 May at 10 am

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