Join us this weekend!

Join us this weekend to prepare the soil for our Native Grass Lawn! Saturday 27 August 2 – 4 pm. Please bring your own gloves and shovel (wheel barrow if you can). Hope to see you there!

The Native Grass Lawn will create a comfortable gathering space, and also showcase how Weeping Grass can be used for lawns in place of other exotic species of grass.

Native Grass has the added benefit of attracting local birds, skinks and insect-life. It is also fire retardant. It’s a medium-length grass that lies along the ground as it gets longer, so it doesn’t grow high. It therefore doesn’t need to be mowed, although it can be mowed or whipper-snipped occasionally if desired. If not mowed, the grass itself can provide protection that retains moisture in soil and prevents the soil from becoming compacted, hard, and water-resistant.

Location for the Native Grass Lawn

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