Park Signage Ideas

As part of the ACT Government’s Adopt A Park program we have some funding this year for signage around the park.

The type of information we envisage for the signs includes:
• Ngunawal Language Park Name
• Acknowledgement of Country
• Ngunawal history and cultural significance of this area
• Landscape designs and park map, park description
• Description of key features in the park
• Ngunawal plant usage notes
• QR code for additional information including plant lists
• Contact and social media details for the community group

Previous feedback from the community group indicated that smaller and more subtle signage around the park was preferred over large bulky signs. Here are some sign examples from the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

The top photo is an example information board, the bottom picture is of a smaller sign specific to a certain plant growing nearby. And yes, we have this plant in the Holt Micro-Forest too!

What do you think about this style of signage for the Micro-Forest?

Area information sign at the Australian National Botanic Gardens
Plant Specific Sign at the Australian National Botanic Gardens

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