Dhjan Yimaba

Yesterday, 21 February, was the United Nations International Mother Language Day. It’s a day to promote and treasure languages from all around the world, and nurture multilingualism.

It is also a day to reflect on the importance of Indigenous Languages.

Here in Holt we live on the land of the Ngunawal People. It is part of our vision and intent in this group that we acknowledge, engage and connect with the Ngunawal People – their knowledge, wisdom, history and culture – and to shape the future of our park together.

So on this day, we share with you some words we have recently learnt during our meetings with Ngunawal man Tyronne Bell from Thunderstone.

Dhjan Yimaba means Thank You in the Ngunawal Language. You’ll start to see this and more Ngunawal words, including a Ngunawal name for our park, woven into our journey.

We think this is very special. We feel very grateful for the opportunity to be on this journey with you all! And it’s only possible because of the support, in so many forms, from this community!

Dhjan Yimaba ❤️

Dhjan Yimaba (thank you)
Language quote from Lynnice Church, Ngunawal

For more information, see:

UN resources Mother Language Day

AITSIS Living Languages Page

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