Ngunawal Language Workshop

In March we are holding a very special and important Ngunawal Language Workshop, to be facilitated by Tyronne Bell @thunderstone01 of Thunderstone Aboriginal Cultural Services.

This workshop introduces the history of the Ngunawal language and will teach attendees how to understand and pronounce an Acknowledgement of Country in the Ngunawal language.

We will be incorporating the Acknowledgment of Country into our Holt Micro-Forest community activities, our signage and communications. This workshop is an important step in starting out on this journey.

This workshop is targeted at community members who will be leading, organising and attending events and volunteering in the gardens, and who also have a genuine interest and commitment to incorporating Ngunawal language into our activities.

This workshop is best suited for adults and mature youths.

There are limited places available so please email to discuss attendance.

To read more about Tyronne and Thunderstone see

To read more about the importance of Indigenous languages in Australia see

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