Social Catch-up at Strathnairn

On Sunday 21 November we had a very pleasant social catch-up at Cafe Stepping Stone in Strathnairn.

Catch-up at Cafe Stepping Stone. Left to right: Corey, Jenny, Melanie, Jennifer, Alison, Roxanne and Cheryl.

We were joined by Jenny Edwards who is the Owner, Managing Director & Lead Scientist from our Silver Sponsor Light House Architecture and Science. It was a great opportunity to present Jenny with her supporter’s pack and thank her from the Holt community.

Jenny has supported each of the Micro-Forests in Canberra and was the very first to donate to the Holt Micro-Forest crowdfunding campaign within seconds of it launching at 10 am on Tuesday 1 June! Amazing enthusiasm, drive, support and encouragement.

Thank you Jenny and Light House Architecture & Science for your support to our initiative and helping us turn it into a reality!

Stunning views from Cafe Stepping Stone
Certificate of Appreciation to Light House Architecture and Science

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